Sports Education

Kinds of sports & scholarships

Sports scholarships are available for a wide range of sports, with certain sports more commonly associated with scholarship opportunities due to their popularity, revenue generation, and competitive nature at the collegiate level. Here is a breakdown of some of the most common sports that often receive scholarships, particularly in countries like the United States where athletic scholarships are highly integrated into the college sports system.

Football (American)

In the United States, football is one of the leading sports offering full-ride scholarships due to its high profile and significant revenue generation for colleges. NCAA Division I and II schools provide many scholarships aiming to recruit top talent.


Both men’s and women’s basketball receive substantial scholarship attention. Like football, basketball can offer full scholarships at NCAA Division I and II institutions due to its popularity and potential for attracting large audiences and generating substantial revenue.

Baseball and Softball

Baseball scholarships are prevalent at the college level in the U.S., though they are often partial rather than full scholarships. Softball, the female equivalent, also sees significant scholarship allocation, especially at higher levels of competition.


Soccer scholarships are available globally but are particularly prevalent in the U.S., UK, and Canada. In the U.S., both men’s and women’s soccer are growing in popularity at the collegiate level, leading to more scholarship opportunities.

Track and Field

Track and field scholarships are offered across many countries due to the sport’s individual and team competition elements, allowing for a broad range of events and skills to be rewarded. These scholarships can be full or partial, depending on the athlete’s prowess and the program’s funding.


Tennis scholarships are common both in the U.S. and in countries with strong tennis traditions, such as Australia and the UK. These scholarships can cover all or part of college expenses, depending on the level of competition and the athlete’s ranking.


Golf scholarships are widely available, particularly in the U.S., where the sport is highly competitive at the collegiate level. Scholarships can be awarded to both male and female golfers who demonstrate potential and skill.

Swimming and Diving

Collegiate swimming and diving scholarships are offered based on an athlete’s times and meet performances. These are common in countries with strong swimming programs like the U.S. and Australia.


Gymnastics scholarships are particularly competitive, often because there are fewer available compared to other sports. However, talented gymnasts can receive full scholarships at top programs, particularly in the U.S.


In countries where hockey is popular, such as Canada and the U.S., universities offer scholarships to skilled hockey players. This includes both ice hockey and field hockey, with opportunities varying by gender and competition level.


Volleyball scholarships are quite common in the U.S., especially for women, due to Title IX regulations, which help ensure equal opportunities in sports for both genders.

The availability of sports scholarships varies significantly by country and institution, depending on the sport’s popularity and the financial resources of the school or athletic program. These scholarships not only provide financial aid but also professional coaching, advanced training facilities, and a platform to showcase talent, potentially leading to professional sports careers.